My teaching philosophy centers on the following objectives for student learning: 1) Understanding political science research and its application to difficult societal questions, and 2) Developing the skill sets required to think analytically and communicate effectively.

Description of Courses Taught:

Introduction to American Politics: An introduction to the study of American politics, beginning with the origins of federalism and American democracy through present day political issues, with a special emphasis on the latest political science research on institutions and political behavior.

Public Policy: Concepts and Processes: An introduction to the study of public policy, including major concepts and theories, and application of this study to problems in the real world.

Public Policy Analysis: This course provides an understanding of how policy actors address policy issues, guided practice with policy analysis tools and process, and an introduction to its application in real-world problem solving.

Women and Politics: This course focuses on the history and current state of women in the political process and the associated impact on public policy, especially as it relates to representation and interest.

Graduate Seminar in American Politics: Designed to introduce graduate students to the broad field of American politics, this course touches briefly on the major areas of research, but in doing students should gain an understanding of the major questions being asked by scholars and the general trends in each area.


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